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Vita – white, high-fiber sliced loaf. A favourite for the perfect toast or sandwich.

500g. Approximately 13 slices.


Grova - a best-seller among gluten-free breads. A fiber-rich, dark sliced sandwich loaf enriched with linseed and a hint of caraway seeds.

500g. Approximately 13 slices.


Limpan - a gluten-free version of the classic Swedish light-brown sandwich loaf, rich in fiber with a hint of Seville oranges.

500g. Approximately 13 slices.


Fiber - a nutritious, fiber-rich loaf enriched with sunflower seeds and linseeds.

500g. Approximately 13 slices.


Havre - baked with 12% pure gluten-free oats and produced in collaboration with dietician Nanna Mossberg, this oat loaf is baked to perfection and simply delicious.

500g. Approximately 13 slices.


Bovete - a filling, wholesome roll, enriched with buckwheat flakes and carrots - an extraordinary culinary experience.
280g. 4 per pack.

Grov Minibaguette

Grov Minibaguette - dark roll, fiber-enriched with sunflower seeds, linseeds and buckwheat flakes.

280g. 4 per pack


Ciabatta - the perfect gluten-free alternative to the Italian classic. Flavoured with sundried tomatoes and herbs. Enjoy hot or cold, topped with your favorite Italian cheeses, herbs or sliced meats.

280g. 4 per pack.


Tea Cake - golden baked, white round Swedish style flat breads, ideal for the perfect open-faced sandwich or mini-pizza base.
220g. 4 per pack.


Poppy Seed Roll - a tasty, savory roll, perfect for the breakfast table, picnic or lunch box. 
280g. 4 per pack.


Pizza – pre-made, half-baked pizza base. Create your own, personal pizza with your favorite toppings, bake it in the oven and enjoy.
350g. 2 per pack.


Kanelbulle - Wonderfully rich and sweet cinnamon buns. Ideal with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a glass of juice.
230g. 4 per pack.

Slät bulle

Slät bulle - A sweet soft bun, flavoured with cardamom. Perfect with coffee, tea or as an afternoon snack.
230g. 4 per pack.


Kanelgiffel - A Swedish classic, complete with a tasty cinnamon swirl.
280g. 10 per pack.


Vaniljgiffel - A twist on a Swedish classic, the vanilla swirl filling is a delicious treat for the whole family.
280g. 10 per pack.


Chokladmuffins – Enjoy these decadent chocolate muffins on their own or dress them up as cupcakes.

240 g. 4 per pack.


Citronmuffins - Warm these delightful muffins in the oven and let the heavenly aroma of lemon and vanilla fill the air.
210g. 4 per pack.


Äppelmuffins – Filled with applesauce and flavoured with cinnamon, this apple muffin is the perfect snack. Warm in the oven and serve with custard and let it melt in your mouth.
200g. 4 per pack.


Kladdkaka - This Swedish style chocolate brownie cake has a rich chocolate taste with a hint of vanilla. Serve as it is, or top with whipped cream and fresh berries - it's a guaranteed success at parties for children of all ages!

400g. 1 per pack.


Hamburgerbröd - This savory roll is the perfect companion to your hamburger. 

280g. 4 per pack.


Korvbröd - a Swedish traditional hot dog roll, perfect for grilled, barbecued or cooked hot dogs or sausages.

220g. 5 per pack.


Seasonal product

Lussekatter - A traditional Swedish sweet bun, flavoured with saffron.


Seasonal product

Christmas Loaf - a traditional Swedish savory favorite, flavoured with traditional Swedish Christmas herbs and spices.

500g. Approximately 13 slices.


Seasonal product

Pepparkaksdeg – Ready-to-bake to create your own gingerbread-men for the whole family to enjoy.  A favorite traditional Swedish treat at Christmas time.

500g. 1 per pack.


Swedish style puff pastry, which is very versatile and can be used to create both sweet and savoury dishes. This product requires cooking before eating.

500g. 2 pieces per pack.

Pizza Margherita

This sensational pizza is free from gluten, milk and lactose. It is topped with nut free pesto which gives it an outstanding taste and it is also suitable for vegans. This product requires cooking before eating. 

290 grams. 1 pizza per pack.

Pizza Prosciutto

This unique pizza is free from gluten, milk and lactose. The Pizza Prosciutto is topped with tasty ham and is very easy and quick to cook. This product requires cooking before eating. 
310 grams. 1 pizza per pack.

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